1350 x 500


Precise info makes a great ride into the future

1350 x 500

Muscular Tank with Attractive Graphics

Forward leaning shrouds and carbon

patterned cover add to the raw muscular look

1350 x 500

Aggressive Head Lamp

For that fierce look you love

1350 x 500

Dual Petal Disc Brakes

Better heat dissipation to maintain braking efficiency

1350 x 500

5-Spoke Split Alloy Wheels

One of its kind alloy wheels with sporty rim stripes

1350 x 500

Combi Brake System with Equalizer

For better stability in short braking distances

1350 x 500

HET with BS-IV

Het technology delivers class leading

mileage & bs-IV engine also takes care of the environment

1350 x 500

X-Shaped LED Tail Light

Your sign for those on your tail

1350 x 500

Mono Suspension

Keeps the centre of gravity going and your ride stable

1350 x 500

Wide Rear Tyre

140mm is your broad and clear mark on the streets

1350 x 500

Powerful 160cc Engine

Raw power of 160cc to keep you ahead of all

1350 x 500


Be safe while riding in style.

AHO improves vehicle visibility

not only in dawn, dust or fog, but also in bright daylight.