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Get familiar with the 3 hottest variants of Honda Activa

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There was a time not much long ago when scooters meant hefty, unmanageable vehicles, which were rather problematic to handle. However, with the advancement of technology and time, these machines were substituted by lightweight vehicles, which are quite easy to ride and handle. In this context, nothing can beat the expediency of Honda Activa.

Honda Activa: The attention-grabbing scooter

Honda Activa is the star model for Honda in the gearless scooter segment. It is the chart-topping and most comfortable ride in the automatic scooter section and its success can be seen ubiquitously around the roads.As it is a unisex scooter, it found acceptability from both males and females alike. Honda Activa was originally launched in the year 2000. It carried a 102 cc engine with a power of 7bhp. It came with options like kick and self-start, puncture-resilient tire, etc. The initial version of the Activa was a best-seller despite its rather plain look and weighty make. However, individuals continued to put their confidence on this bike and consequently, new evolutions took place fruitfully in the market of Honda Activa.

Bimal Honda - Best honda activa price in Guwahati

Now, Bimal Honda is offering lowest Honda Activa price in Guwahati, the Activa in 3 exciting variants i.e. Activa 3G, Activa-i and Activa 125. These three have the responsibility to protect every section of automatic scooters and hoist the flag of Honda’s victory over it. The Activa-i is using the same 110 cc motor being used in the 3G and is the most prosperous scooter engine in India. The dissimilarity comes into its body figure, which is slender and the price. Honda Activa price in Guwahati is Lower than other State.

Furthermore, the king of scooters, as its said, the Honda Activa 3G is the third-generation version of the much famed Honda Activa 110. This Activa is the most selling and popular one. It comes with 3D Activa badges, which bear a resemblance to the ones being used on the first generation of Activa. Lastly, the hottest and latest entry into the Activa line-up was the Activa 125, which from its name explains that a 125 cc engine has been used in the machine. It comes with telescopic forks and provides better functionality on coarse roads as well.

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