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Want to Purchase Honda Activa? Explore more about the Two-Wheeler!

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In the recent past, possibly a decade ago or more, the word scooter conjured the picture of hefty, challenging to manage two-wheelers with gears, which felt very imbalanced in looks. These were commonly ridden by the males and females were restricted to riding pillion. However, all these changed considerably, when the lightweight, easy to manage gearless automobiles with good fuel efficacies were hosted. Although, it was the iconic Kinetic Honda that which started the gearless scooter upheaval in India, it was adores of Bajaj Sunny and TVS Scooty, which promoted them. However, Honda Activa made the gearless scooters more satisfactory and popular amid both males and females alike.

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Before the Activa came into the scene, the other gearless scooters looked too brittle and small and had a womanly feel to them, making the males shrink back from them, despite being improved than the old scooters. When Honda tossed the Activa in 2000 as a unisex gearless scooter, progressively more individuals began to prefer it, thanks to its robust and buoyancy inspiring looks. The flagship model of Honda in the scooter segment, the Activa is a section leader in all sense of the word. Originally offered as a 102 cc bike with 7bhp power, the Activa was an immediate success with males and females alike. It added to the charm by offering features like kick /self-start, puncture resistant tire and many more, which were not very common those days. Henceforth, the debutant variant of the Activa was a best-seller, notwithstanding of its pretty look and weighty make. Even though there was a waiting period of six months and more, folks favored to purchase the Activa, making it the most singled out scooter in the nation.

The prosperous journey of Activa went incessant for virtually a decade or so. Then, when it was felt that the competition would draw near, Honda instilled fresh breath into the bike by hurling a new variant. A marginally more powerful engine of 109 cc and 8bhp of power impelled this new model. It also offered additional features like combi-brake and key shutter. The fuel productivity was also claimed to have gone up by 15%.The face lifted Activa, or the Activa-I was hurled in 2013, with a glossier and stylish look. In addition to the cosmetic change echoed in the design language, this variant was fundamentally the same as its predecessor.

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